Tutorials in your Code Editor

CodeRoad is a free plugin for the popular [Atom Editor]("https://atom.io"). With the "atom-coderoad" plugin, take tutorials in a real editor environment alongside your other favorite plugins.



Create your Own Tutorials

Build tutorials using simple and familiar tools: Markdown & Unit Tests. Making tutorials is easy with the new Builder-CodeRoad plugin.
npm publish packages

Publish Free & Open

Version control & share your tutorials over NPM. Iterate and publish updates. Use Git to build & collaborate on courses.


Interactive lessons = learning faster. Look forward to more tutorials in the near future.

  • JS Functional School

    A trip through functional programming in Javascript using common built-in Javascript array methods such as map & reduce.

  • JS Redux

    Create a “Worst Pokemon” app using Redux as the data layer. Part 1/3.

Accelerated Education

Find out more about how to setup CodeRoad and get started learning and creating.