Play Interactive Tutorials

Atom-CodeRoad repo


1. What is Atom-CodeRoad?

Atom-CodeRoad is an Atom plugin that lets you play interactive coding tutorials inside of your Atom editor.


2. Requirements

Atom-CodeRoad & Builder-CodeRoad both have several key dependencies before starting:

Name Min Version Description
NodeJS >0.10.x Check your version with > node -v
Download the latest from
NPM >3.x.x< Check your version with > npm -v
NPM comes installed with NodeJS,
and can be updated with > npm install -g npm
Atom Editor >1.6.0 A popular code editor available at


3. Quick Start

To install atom-coderoad, you have two options:

  1. Inside of Atom, select the following menus:

    • Atom
      • Preferences
        • Install
          • search for “atom-coderoad”
  2. Use Atom Shell Commands.

> apm install atom-coderoad


4. Launch

Toggle open Atom-CodeRoad using the Packages menu or press ctrl-alt-0.


5. Installing Tutorials

To install a tutorial, setup a package.json file and save the tutorial as a dependency.

Install a Tutorial

You can setup a project quickly by typing > npm init --y into the command line in your project’s folder. This agrees to all of the defaults for your newly created package.json file.

Now you can install a tutorial. Run > npm install --save-dev $THE-PACKAGE-NAME$ to save the tutorial as a package development dependency. If you run Atom-CodeRoad you should see the tutorial appear on the tutorial list screen.

If you are stuck at a screen that says ‘install a tutorial’, try updating your version of NPM to 3.x+.


6. Recommended Settings

Enable Autosave

It’s recommended you also enable autosave in Atom.

Enable autosave in Atom

Tutorials run unit tests on save, autosave can speed up the process.


7. Roadmap